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For millennia, people everywhere have been painting their faces & bodies with colours from the earth.  We've been doing it to enhance or disguise, celebrate or commemorate, or to protect ourselves from the elements.

I don't know a time when I wasn't completely in love with paint & when I met lipstick for the first time about 50 years ago, I was smitten!

Being an artist and a model has given me the opportunities to experiment a lot over the years. I launched Just Lippy in 2016, mainly to ensure that I could have the colours I wanted without an epic list of ingredients. I've changed things a lot since then and I believe only for the better. I no longer use plastic tubes nor any coal or petroleum derived ingredients (synthetics such as FD&C).


What hasn't changed is that the lipsticks are not tested on animals and they are plant based. So, you will not find carmine red in my ingredients list either-which is the red colourant made from insects (cochineal-ci75470).

The truly incredible thing is that instead of the plastic tubes to hold the lipstick, I worked with a mechanical engineer & a 3D specialist to develop an innovative container which is biodegradeable. In fact, I make the container using a plant based filament & a 3D printer!

It's all designed & manufactured by Just Lippy on Ngunnawal Land in Canberra, Australia.

Go on, try it now! Throw caution to the wind like I did, because I really believe you'll love Just Lippy as much as me & many other devoted just lippyists!


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