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For millennia, people everywhere have been painting their faces & bodies with colours from the earth.  We've been doing it to enhance or disguise, celebrate or commemorate, or to protect ourselves from the elements.

I don't know a time when I wasn't completely in love with paint & when I met lipstick for the first time about 50 years ago, I was smitten!

Being an artist and a model has given me the opportunities to experiment a lot over the years. I launched Just Lippy in 2016, mainly to ensure that I could have the colours I wanted without an epic list of ingredients. I've changed things a lot since then and only for the better as I move away from petroleum & coal derived ingredients & products. So, no FD&C colours or Lakes e.g.,CI 15850 & CI 45410 - to name a few.


What hasn't changed is that the lipsticks are not tested on animals and they are plant based. You will not find bees wax, lanolin or carmine red in the ingredients list either-which is the red colourant made from insects (cochineal-ci75470).

The truly incredible thing is that I worked with a mechanical engineer & a 3D specialist to develop an innovative container. It's printed on a 3D printer using biodegradable PLA filaments made from corn starch & wood! I'm working hard behind the scenes and Just Lippy continues to be a work in progress. All designed & manufactured by Just Lippy on Ngunnawal Land in Canberra, Australia.

Go on, try it now! I really believe you'll love Just Lippy as much as me & many other devoted just lippy lovers!


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